Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Elizabeth Keliipiilani Mossman

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Recently came across these pictures and wanted to share. Elizabeth Keliipiilani Mossman was the daughter of William Frederick Mossman and Kamakahema. Elizabeth was born 13 September 1871 in Hawaii. She died 28 April 1943.
Elizabeth Keliipiilani Mossman
She married John Henry Van Gieson, born 4 Aug. 1846 in Darmstadt,Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany.

John Henry Gieson first came to American at age 19 according to NY Passenger Lists on 8 Feb 1866.
His first marriage was to Beke Ihihi on 13 April 1872.

  • Ceremony performed by Rev. M. Kauea, a protestant minister. Lived together 4 months, left and lived with Maikaaloa for a few years. Returned to Beke for one month in 1876 then left and moved in with Kealalaina for 3 years and had children. He and Beke divorced on 21 April 1882. Reason given was for desertion as he was living and working at the Kakaako Hospital in Oahu at the time.  John had a common law marriage to Caroline Kealalaina Philip Sweetman in Kakaako,Oahu. Caroline and John had 2 sons, Henry George Van Gieson born 15 Mar 1880 Hanalei,Kauai who had 4 wives and 17 children, he died 30 June 1948 in Honolulu. Second son was Charles Edward born 11 Jun 1883 in Hanalei, Kauai, married to Rose Liloa Parker and had 2 children, he died 16 Jun 1962 Honolulu, Oahu.  John and Elizabeth Mossman were then married and had the following children: Flora Van Gieson born 22 Oct 1885 Halawa,Hawaii she died 24 jan 1938 Honolulu, she married Manuel Noriega.  Frank Van Gieson born 28 Dec 1887 Halawa, HI died 15 Apr 1977 Honolulu,HI. He married Silvina Paulina Gomes. 
    Freida Elizabeth Van Gieson
    Freida Elizabeth Van Gieson born 8 May 1890 Halawa, HI and died 10 Sept 1969 Honolulu, she married Frank Hawkins. She later married a Mr. Watson, followed by Mr. Clay. Frederika Van Gieson born abt 1890 Halawa, HI 
    Faustina Van Gieson
    Faustina Van Gieson born 9 Oct 1893 Halawa, HI and died 12 Oct 1981 Vallejo, Sonoma, California. She married Amiel Boaz (Harry) Feener. Frances Van Gieson born 4 May 1898 in Honolulu, HI she died 15 Dec 1974 in Vallejo,CA She was married 3 times.
    Fidela Van Gieson
    Fidela Van Gieson born 22 Dec 1900 Honolulu, HI and died 28 Jan 1981 in Honolulu. She married Zenas Lemuel Williams.
    Fidora Louise Kahili Van Gieson
    Fidora Louise Kahili Van Gieson born 4 April 1903 Honolulu and died 30 July 1982 Honolulu. Please let me know if your records are different or need correct. I obtained the pictures and information from Our information and knowledge is improved in the sharing. Enjoy! Aloha, Valerie Elkins